ESNR Awards

The European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR) awards three Annual Scientific Prizes for the best works in Neuroradiology, each to the amount of €4000:

  • The “ESNR Scientific Award (formerly known as "Lucien Appel Prize of Neuroradiology")”, to be awarded for the best Research submission.

  • The “Pioneers and Past Presidents of European Neuroradiology Awards”, for the best submissions on Diagnostic Neuroradiology.

  • The “Pioneers and Past Presidents of European Neuroradiology Awards”, for the best submissions on Interventional Neuroradiology.

  • Awards for the Best Posters at the ESNR Congress


In 2008, the Executive Committee of the ESNR decided to introduce two new scientific prizes for young neuroradiologists, alongside the Lucien Appel Prize of the ESNR, awarded annually for the best research paper. The new prizes were created in honour of the Pioneers and Past Presidents of European Neuroradiology, and are awarded for the best papers in diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology.

In 2012, the Executive Committee of ESNR decided to give the name of one of the Pioneers of the society and the name of one of its Past Presidents in an order as “ESNR Awards in Honor of”, and to present their short CV and pictures at the Awards Ceremony during the ESNR Annual Congress or during the Symposium Neuroradiologicum.

Since the contract with the Lucien Appel Foundation closed, the ESNR Executive Committee decided in early 2020 to keep the prize with the name "ESNR Scientific Award (formerly known as the "Lucien Appel Prize of Neuroradiology")".

Among those awards, the proposal of Springer to institute the “ESNR-Springer Award” was also accepted. The prize money of € 1000 will be awarded by Springer to the first-named author (ESNR Member) of the most cited article of the latest impact factor (current year: IF previous years, e.g.: 2019: IF 2018) together with a free registration to the ESNR Annual Meeting of the current year. The Article will be highlighted on the journal webpage (

Rules for Application can be seen in the section of each ESNR Award.