Free brain MRI quantification

ESNR members can upload their brain MRI datasets and get a free quantitative analysis on:

MSmetrix is CE labeled software that gives ESNR members free access to reliable measurements on the two main manifestations of MS in the brain. In an online report, the patient’s brain volume and lesion load are summarized and compared to the values of a healthy population. MSmetrix is offered as a service and makes use of a secure online platform where you can upload your MRI images and download the reports.

Getting started

1 Go to

2 Click on the tab Create Account

3 Fill in the required fields

4 Use the ESNR member code as follows:

How do you plan to use msmetrix? #ESNR-2016

After you verified your email address, Icometrix will process your account request and grant access.

Once you received access, you can start uploading scans! This is done by dragging and dropping a .zip-file that contains a 3D T1 and a 3D FLAIR sequence of the same scan session of the same patient.

For more info or to integrate MSmetrix with your hospital system (PACS), contact:

PML detection and differentiation from residual MS activity

Recent advances in MS treatment have been successful in suppressing the immune system to reduce MS activity, but unfortunately also carry an increased risk of PML

Given the difficulties around PML detection and differentiation from residual MS activity, we have developed an educational website

We hope you will find this resource useful and recommend it to your colleagues (Japanese and Chinese translations available)

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