website EBNR goes live

Welcome to ""

Dear all,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the newly opened website of the European Board of Neuroradiology (EBNR).  

EBNR is accredited by both ESNR and ESR, to organise examinations and to deliver diplomas for these various activities related to neuroradiology. The flagship is the European Diploma in Neuroradiology (EDiNR).  Additionally, there are diplomas of "higher qualification" in pediatric neuroradiology, interventional neuroradiology, and spinal interventional neuroradiology.

The launch of our new website represents an important step for the EBNR.  With this website, it is our aim to facilitate communication and exchange information. Our EBNR website has a "public domain", as well as a restricted "membership area", to which you can log in with your ESNR credentials.  The restricted membership area will allow you to register for upcoming examinations, acess personal exam results, and also holds several other features.

Welcome to the EBNR website !

Prof. dr. Paul M. Parizel, CEO