Results of the MR CLEAN trial published

23/12/2014 : Results of the MR CLEAN trial published

Dear Members,

The prospective, randomized trial from the Netherlands on the efficiency of neurothrombectomy— MR CLEAN—has now been published:

This important trial for all neuroradiologists has already been discussed intensively during the last several meetings, and will be an exciting milestone in the general acceptance of endovascular stroke-therapy. There are more studies expected to be published with similar results within the next few weeks. These studies will have an important impact on the future structure of how patients with acute stroke should be treated, and neuroradiologists (diagnostic and interventional) play an important role in selecting and treating patients with stroke, one of the major diseases in our time. The use of neurothrombectomy requires trained neurointerventionalists, a sufficient stroke network, and neurovascular centers. However, the number of neurointerventionalists in Europe and worldwide is too small, at the moment, to provide all patients these new treatment options.

The ESNR—and some of our members who contributed actively in the MR CLEAN trial—puts itself under the obligation to develop a general education and certification system, which will be able to “produce” enough neurointerventionalists, but will also ensure that these clinicians will be adequately qualified. To address these tasks in the very near future will require the collaboration and effort of all who are involved in the care and treatment of stroke patients.


Prof. Olav Jansen
Chairperson of the ESNR Subspeciality Committee Interventional Neuroradiology
and ESNR Executive Committee