Press Release from ESNR, EAN & EANS

During the 46th ESNR (European Society of Neuroradiology) Annual Meeting in September 2023, Prof. Tarek Yousry, ESNR President, has initiated a meeting with leaders from EAN (European Academy of Neurology) and EANS (European Association of Neurosurgical Societies) to discuss potential areas of cooperation between the three societies as many goals and interests are shared concerning research activities as well as clinical practice focusing on the ultimate benefit of the common patients. 

On behalf of ESNR Prof. Tarek Yousry, Prof. Cem Calli (ESNR Treasurer) and Prof. Andrea Rossi (ESNR Vice President) participated. EAN was represented by Prof. Thomas Berger (EAN Board Member & Chair of the Scientific Committee), and EANS by Prof. Torstein Meling (EANS President Elect). 

The development of joint clinical practice guidelines, common sessions at each other’s congresses as well as joining forces for advocacy activities have been identified as areas for potential cooperation. The close cooperation with the National Member Societies has been emphasised and best practices in this regard have been exchanged as well. Due to the fruitful discussions a follow-up meeting by leaders from the three societies shall be coordinated at the end of this year.