New Membership Fees in 2019!

01/01/2019 : New Membership Fees in 2019!

Dear ESNR Member,

The European Society of Neuroradiology is happy to announce that membership fees will be lowered in 2019.

For Full & Associate Members, the fee for a 1 year membership will be €90 (to €50), down from €140 (to €60) in 2018. You might wonder why there is not a fixed membership fee: €90 is the starting fee and that fee goes down by €20 every year, but only when you pay your membership fee in the month of January. The third year your fee will be only €50 (but you still need to pay in January every year!).

For Junior Members, the fee for a 1 year membership will be €50 (to €30), down from €80 (to €60) in 2018. The lower fee is again for those that pay the 2nd year (and afterwards) in January!

ESNR was able to lower these fees by going green and making electronic access to the Neuroradiology journal the default option. In case you still want membership with a printed copy of the journal you will be able to indicate this during your payment process, but you will not be able to enjoy these lower fees. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information at