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New ExCom of ESNR installed during Symposium Neuroradiologicum in Istanbul

During the General Assembly that took place on Friday, September 12 at the Symposium Neuroradiologicum in Istanbul, the new Executive Committee (ExCom) of ESNR was installed.

After many years of dedication to the Society, Guido Wilms and Paul M. Parizel quitted the ExCom. President of the Society now is Majda Thurnher; Turgut E Tali is Past-President. Johan Van Goethem is Treasurer of the Society.

Following officers within the ExCom have been elected by the ESNR members: Alex Rovira (Vice-President), Andrea Rossi (Secretary General), Tarek Yousry (Chairperson of the Subspeciality Committee Diagnostic Neuroradiology), Olav Jansen (Chairperson of the Subspeciality Committee Interventional Neuroradiology), Pia Maly Sundgren (Chairperson of the Subspeciality Committee Paediatric Neuroradiology), Bernhard Schuknecht (Chairperson of the Subspeciality Committee Head & Neck Neuroradiology), and Mario Muto (Chairperson of the Subspeciality Committee Spine Neuroradiology).