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More than 1,000 candidates have taken the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) examinations



The European Board of Radiology is pleased to inform you that more than 1,000 candidates have taken the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) examinations since its creation. 

The EBR was founded in 2011 as an organisation dedicated to organising exams and issuing certificates. The first examination took place at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna in 2011, with 41 candidates. At ECR 2015, 145 candidates sat the EDIR examination. 

In these four years, several examinations have been held in countries such as Spain, France, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. EDiR examinations have usually taken place within the framework of national congresses, such as the Journées Françaises de Radiologie (JFR) and the Turkish Congress of Radiology (TURKRAD), in order to give the attendees the chance to take the exam during the congress. Further EDiR exams have been held at ESR Learning Centres. 

The EBR aims to serve patients and medical professionals by certifying that its diploma holders have reached and demonstrated a standard of knowledge and skills as laid out in the ESR European Training Curriculum for Radiology. 

Within the next few years, the European Diploma in Radiology will be an internationally recognised certificate of radiological competence. It will become an accepted additional qualification, helping health institutions in Europe to recognise the skills and competences of medical professionals from other jurisdictions. 

The EBR will work further towards the transnational harmonisation of radiological standards throughout Europe. 



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