Meet Prof. Osborn at ECNR c17m1 in Malta

23/09/2022 : Meet Prof. Osborn at ECNR c17m1 in Malta

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Anne Osborn will be joining us in Malta during the European Course in Neuroradiology, 17th Cycle Module 1 which will be held on 6-10 November 2022 as an onsite only course.

Prof. Osborn, a pioneer in neuroradiology and ESNR honorary member, will be giving 2 keynote lectures.

First one will be on "The Brain’s Perivascular Spaces: Anatomy, Pathology and Imaging" on Sunday, November 6th and the second keynote lecture will be on "Anatomy, Variants and Pathology of the Cerebral Venous System? Less Well-known Features and Why Recognizing Them is Important" on Monday, November 7th.

Final program can be seen here.

Only limited places are still available at the course, register today and save your place!

Looking forward to meeting you in Malta!