ECTRIMS and MAGNIMS announces Research Fellowship program for the coming year.


2013 ECTRIMS-MAGNIMS Research Fellowship

ECTRIMS and MAGNIMS are pleased to announce its Research Fellowship program for the coming year.


This fellowship wants to foster the development of young researchers in the field of MS by supporting their work on scientific projects at renowned host institutions within the MAGNIMS network in Europe. The program shall achieve transfer and broadening of knowledge regarding the application of magnetic resonance to MS research and will promote the researcher’s integration into the international scientific community.


Duration and funding:

ECTRIMS will support two fellowships annually, each with duration of 1 year, with an annual stipend of up to €50,000.



Applicants should be under 40 years and affiliated to an academic department which can guarantee a continuation of his or her research.



The decision will be made within the Steering Committee of MAGNIMS based on the following criteria:

-      Applicants potential for scientific development including the capacity to carry out proposed research project

-      Quality of research project and its potential to serve the aims of the program

-      Appropriateness of home and host institutions



The following documents are required:

-    Applicant’s curriculum vitae including publications

-    Project description according to the format described in the application form

-    Letter of acceptance from and short description of the host institution

-    Letter of support from the home institution



The deadline for application is 01/02/2013


Evidence of Results:

Upon completion of the fellowship, ECTRIMS and MAGNIMS network expects a final report. This should detail:

  • The candidate’s gain from the fellowship
  • His / her research achievements
  • The particular area of expertise which has been acquired


Work produced as a result of or in connection with the ECTRIMS-MAGNIMS research fellowship must be reported at the annual ECTRIMS conference and must acknowledge the ECTRIMS-MAGNIMS support.


In addition, ECTRIMS and MAGNIMS network asks for electronic copies of papers, abstracts and posters resulting from the fellowship.


Money Administration

The MAGNIMS network asks that the money of the 2 fellowships will be administrated directly by the ECTRIMS administrative office.



Applications for the ECTRIMS-MAGNIMS research fellowship should be submitted to:


Prof. Nicola De Stefano
Dept. of Neurological & Behavioral Sciences
University of Siena
Viale Bracci 2, 53100 Siena

Phone +39-0577-233432
Fax +39-0577-233411


Details about the ECTRIMS-MAGNIMS Fellowship program and application material can be obtained from the MAGNIMS ( and ECTRIMS ( web sites