Application open: Five grants in Interventional Neuroradiology for Italian members of ESNR

ESNR proudly announces that a grant in Interventional Neuroradiology has been proclaimed for Full, Junior or Institutional Italian members of ESNR to spend at least 10 months in an Italian Neuroradiology Department.

This grant can be realized thanks to a donation attributed to ESNR with the specific target for Italian Neuroradiologist.

The Neuroradiology Department hosting the grant winners, will accept her/him in agreement with the Italian Association of Neuroradiology (AINR), based on workload and case mix of each specific centre.


Eligibility criteria for the applicants comprises:

  • Member of the Italian Association of Neuroradiology (AINR)
  • Full or institutional ESNR member
  • Specialist in Radiology
  • CV showing interest and basic experience in interventional neuroradiology
  • Age <40 years
  • Preferential criteria include holding the EDiNR (European Diploma in Neuroradiology)

The program of the grant will be based on:

  • a program of scheduled lectures
  • angio suite attendance of at least 28 hours/weekly in an Italian Neuroradiology department, as first or second operator in endovascular and spinal interventional procedures, in presence of a senior tutor experienced in Interventional Neuroradiology
  • scientific and research activities

The participants will receive a final diploma from the ESNR and AINR, assessing the training in Interventional Neuroradiology.

The amount of each grant will be around EUR 10.000 for a total of 5 grants; the grant is not exclusive and other activities can be combined, respecting the program of the training proposed by each hosting department.

The commission of the grant is constituted by ESNR President, ESNR Vice President, ESNR Chair of the Subspecialty Committee Interventional Neuroradiology and ESNR Chair of the Subspecialty Committee Spine Neuroradiology.

Based on the eligibility criteria, the winners of the grants will be notified in written.

Complete applications or questions must be sent to Mario Muto MD (

The deadline for applications is January 15, 2017.