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01/10/2016 Changes in the ESNR EXCOM after the Annual General Assembly held on September 18, 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia.
18/09/2016 Marco Leonardi (Bologna, Italy) and Paul M. Parizel (Antwerp, Belgium) awarded Honorary Member at ESNR Annual Meeting in Belgrade
27/08/2016 1,000 places for ECR 2017
15/08/2016 Interview with Tatjana Stosic-Opincal, President of the 39th Annual Meeting of the ESNR
23/03/2016 Free Brain MRI Quantification for ESNR members
10/01/2016 PML detection and differentiation from residual MS activity
22/12/2015 President's New Years Message
18/11/2015 More than 1,000 candidates have taken the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) examinations
13/10/2015 International Day of Radiology 2015
26/08/2015 38th Annual Meeting of the ESNR, Naples, Italy
19/05/2015 In memoriam Massimo Gallucci (18/2/1956 - 15/5/2015)
28/02/2015 Mechanical thrombectomy has become a recommended therapy in acute stroke patients with large vessel occlusion
28/02/2015 The American Society of Spine Radiology Presents 2015 Gold Medal to Victor M. Haughton, M.D. during 2015 Annual Symposium
23/12/2014 Results of the MR CLEAN trial published
08/11/2014 Download the Book on Brain Imaging !!!
12/10/2014 International Day of Radiology
17/09/2014 New ExCom of ESNR installed during Symposium Neuroradiologicum in Istanbul
08/09/2014 Interview with Prof. Turgut Tali, president of ESNR and President of the XXth Symposium Neuroradiologicum
03/09/2014 The Irish Society of Neuroradiology joined ESNR
24/06/2014 Candidates that applied for the positions of the Executive Committee of the ESNR
10/06/2014 First Irish Neuroradiology Meeting
22/05/2014 The Slovenian Society of Neuroradiology joined ESNR
17/04/2014 1st Croatian Neuroradiology Meeting
19/03/2014 Brain imaging is main theme of International Day of Radiology, November 8, 2014
26/02/2014 ESNR Vice-President prof. Majda Thurnher awarded