38th Annual Meeting of the ESNR, Naples, Italy

Interview with Mario Muto, President of the 38th Annual Meeting of the ESNR.

Dr. Yelda Ozsunar, a member of the ESNR Publication Committee, made an interview with Dr. Mario Muto, who is President of the 38th Annual Meeting of the ESNR which will be starting on 17 of september and last till 20 of September 2015, in Naples.  

To inform neuroradiologists about the details of this meeting, Dr. Ozsunar asked the following questions to Dr. Muto.

Y. Ozsunar: Could you tell us about interesting features and highlight topics of the scientific programme in this congress?

M.Muto: All the meeting is characterized by the presence of excellent speakers able to bring and transmit their knowledge to the partecipants. Based on my previous meeting organization, I invited not only neuroradiologist as speakers but also different specialist such as neurosurgeons,  oncologist and orthopedics to understand their clinical diagnostic therapeutic need. I can identify four  major  topic: cerebral tumors, degenerative brain disease, AVM and stroke diagnosis and treatment.

The whole interview can be found here.