31st January is deadline for submission of abstracts and proposals


31st January is the deadline for submission of abstracts and proposals to the: www.symposiumneuroradiologicum.org

Although the Symposium is scheduled to be held in Bologna, Italy on 4th October, the deadline of 31st January has been set well in advance to allow ample time for optimum preparation of the different sessions.

As I have explained on several occasions over the past two years, the main focus of the Symposium is a lively broad-based discussion among participants. For this reason I plan to allot half of the meeting time for presentations and half for discussion allowing a total of 15 minutes for each accepted presentation.


The preparation of Symposium sessions usually requires a great deal of work. Moderators need to study each abstract in depth to select the order of presentations and prepare the discussion. This is why I have requested your abstracts be longer than usual: two pages rather than one. I would also like invited speakers and those who have submitted lecture proposals rather than communications to submit their abstracts. Plainly the focus on discussion and conversation means that there will be less time available for poster presentations. However if you prefer to present a poster please make this known so that it can be arranged.

In addition, I also need to receive your hotel preferences and bookings for the Gala Dinner: as in all medieval Italian cities, very few venues in Bologna can accommodate a large number of dinner guests so I need to have a rough idea of how many people will be attending.


The spirit of the Symposium Neuroradiologicum, as envisaged by its founders in 1939 and implemented by our predecessors, is that of a convivial meeting reflecting the literal meaning of the Latin word “symposium”: an informal gathering of friends and colleagues. All are entitled take part and free to air their views. Discussion and exchange on a wide range of topics with more expert colleagues will provide intellectual stimulation in a convivial setting. Despite living in very different countries, we neuroradiologists share similar problems and difficulties in our daily work with similar aspirations, hopes and projects for the future. 


I look forward to welcoming you to Bologna. 

Best regards,