What are the advantages of becoming an “ESNR Institutional Member”?

  • The President of your National Society/Section or his/her delegate will represent your members in the Council of Institutional Members, in proportion to the number of neuroradiologists they represent.
  • The names of the institutional members will be published on the ESNR website.
  • A link to your National Society/Section of Neuroradiology will be placed on the ESNR website.
  • Reduced fees to the Annual Meeting and ESNR courses for individual members of the Institutional Member.

How does the representation work?

  • Your society will be represented by your national delegate in the Council of Institutional Members
  • Your national delegate will hold a number of votes that is in proportion to the number of members in your national neuroradiology society or section
  • The national delegates will choose a secretary who will be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee of the ESNR with voting rights.
  • The ESNR president will be ex-officio the president of the “Institutional Council”.

What should you do to obtain institutional membership for your members?

  • You must provide the ESNR secretariat with a list of your full members. Please contact info@esnr.org and you will receive an Excel template to fill in the names of your members.
  • You should pay to the ESNR an annual subscription fee of 3 euro per full member. Payment must be received by ESNR before June 30th to ensure institutional membership during the current year.
  • These requirements need to be fulfilled in order to acquire institutional membership.
  • The ESNR Executive Committee will review and approve your application.

What happens if you decide NOT to become an institutional member?

  • Your society will still have a National Delegate, who is allowed to attend the Institutional Council as an observer without voting rights.