Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the 10th Cycle of the European Course in Pediatric Neuroradiology!

We start this new cycle with the addition of a new member in the board of directors and with an unchanged great enthusiasm for this new enterprise. As is the tradition, the European Societies of Neuroradiology (ESNR) and Paediatric Radiology (ESPR) have come together once again to organize a two-module course whose structure has, however, been modified to adapt to the evolving needs of the societies’ membership and to the new challenges of subspecialty certification.

The first module is dubbed “the essentials”, and is one of the compulsory courses that ESPR members must successfully attend to become eligible for the newly launched ESPR European Diploma in Paediatric Radiology. It will take place in Rome, Italy on January 25-29, 2019.

Instead, ESNR members wishing to obtain the European Diploma in Pediatric Neuroradiology must not only attend module 1, but also the second module (“advanced”), which will take place in Istanbul (Turkey) on 23-27 January 2021. However, also ESPR members and, indeed, anyone interested into more in-depth education in the field are certainly welcome to attend module 2. A special certificate will be awarded to all those who, while not qualifying for the European Diploma in Pediatric Neuroradiology, will attend both modules and successfully pass the final written examinations.

While anyone interested is welcome to register for the courses, ESNR and ESPR members will enjoy special member fares that will hopefully encourage applicants to become members of one (or hopefully both!) societies. The final written examination is subjected to a separate 50 EUR fee covering administration expenses.

Despite these changes, the course will retain its friendly atmosphere and the traditional interactive structure, in which as much as 50% of the teaching offer consists of workshops where interesting cases and real-life situations are discussed face-to-face with the faculty. In order to guarantee a high level of interaction, participants will be divided into smaller, more numerous groups than in past courses.

Rome and Istanbul are among the best destinations in the world and will offer participants plenty of opportunities to relax in between sessions, and to get away from examination pressure as much as possible. Participants from all over the world will have the opportunity to renew old friendships and to strike new ones, and will certainly feel part of a new, growing generation of young pediatric neuroradiologists. The quality and fun of our social program will facilitate interaction and will make your stay memorable.

Join us in Rome and Istanbul… don’t miss it!

The ECPNR Board of Directors

Maria Argyropoulou, Nadine Girard, Chen Hoffmann, Bård Nedregaard, Andrea Rossi, Pia M. Sundgren