UPDATE – August 2020

Dear Attendees, dear Members, dear Friends

Although the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be slowing down and travel restrictions are lifted very slowly, Module 4 of the European Course in Neuroradiology on Degenerative, Metabolic, Inflammatory and Infectious Neuroradiology will be an online course.

We will miss being together, talking during the breaks and lunches and enjoying the location. We will miss being with you – being with friends.

But we are ready to provide you with the same excellent content online. Your trusted and renowned faculty will virtually be with you. All lectures will be given live and all workshops will proceed in small interactive groups, exactly as you were used to. And since we will not provide any breaks or lunches we have reduced the registration fee by €200.

Since this will be a live meeting, please carefully note the timing of the lectures that will follow CET. In addition, registered attendees will be able to access all lectures online after they were presented.

This module will also have an online MCQ examination that is fully approved by EBNR, counting towards obtaining your European Diploma in Neuroradiology.

For those that were already registered:

  1. Registrations will be automatically transferred from the Antwerp course to the new live online course. You will receive your €200 reduced fee automatically in August.
  2. If you are unable, or do not wish to attend the live course in November, you can transfer your registration fee to a module of the 16th cycle on a simple request to meetings@esnr.org.
  3. The MCQ exam will be held online on 14th November 2020. Participants will need to attend and pass this exam in order to be eligible to apply for the EDiNR.

While we strive to offer the best education in the field of neuroradiology, the safety, health, and well-being of our participants will always be the highest priority for ESNR.

We hope the situation will return to normal soon, however we are aware that the situation is still evolving, and we will consider putting new actions in place if necessary, in the following months.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Warm regards,

Johan Van Goethem

Majda Thurnher

15th Cycle Course Organisers