European Course in Head and Neck Neuroradiology, 1st Cycle Module 2

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 2nd module of the European Course in Head and Neck Neuroradiology, scheduled as a live online course on March 25-27 2021.

Please note that to attend module 2, participation to module 1 is not required.

The European Course in Head and Neck Neuroradiology is a level III comprehensive educational course in Head & Neck imaging covering basic to advanced knowledge. It consists of two modules of 3 days each that encompass 31 lectures and 4x12 workshops in each module.

Module 1 started on Nov. 4 - 6 2020 with 300 attendees and obtined high ranking scores (93/100) from the participants for both course content and overall satisfaction, The faculty is following this line by module 2 with a comprehensive, attractive and interactive program

Module 2: Thursday to Saturday March 25-27, 2021

  • Lectures and Workshops cover supra and infrahyoid space anatomy, pathologies of the salivary glands, pharynx, oral cavity and larynx, parapharyngeal and carotid space lesions; additional topics encompass classification of vascular malformations and tumours, brachial plexus and thoracic oulet anatomy and pathologies, head H&N lymphoma and IgG4 RD, structural and dynamic vascular imaging applications
  • Focus lectures are targeted on AI (applied intelligence), perfusion and diffusion in H&N lesions, head and neck infections, changes in the 8th ed. of AJCC staging of H&N cancer and the evolving face of posttreatment changes
  • Clinical lectures summarize „what the radiologist should know and report“ from a clinical perspective.
  • Interactive diagnostic highlight sessions discuss „lessons learnt cases“ regarding imaging strategy and diagnosis in common and rare disorders between faculty and participants

Course objectives:

  • to provide sound knowledge in imaging strategy by both morphological and by advanced techniques
  • to provide competence in image interpretation over a wide range of H&N pathologies including new entities
  • to offer lively interaction with reknown teachers and clinical experts during lectures and workshops by questions and polls.
  • to obtain a Diploma in Head and Neck Neuroradiology (provided by EBNR) following successful participation in the Exam at the end of module 1 and 2 and by passing a final exam before the ESNR annual meeting.

The Course program of Module 2 is conducted as a live online course (CME credits will be available, subject to confirmation by EACCME) with a comprehensive program providing the essentials of H&N imaging identical to a physical course .

We are glad to inform you that Module 2 course is again offered for an attractive fee for ESNR members. This is a dedication to our members and a support to acquire and update knowledge, gain CME credits (subject to confirmation by EACCME) and to facilitate participation in a live course during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Regular fees will apply for the next cycle.

Course program is available here.

“Always sit in the first row and share the experience of a live online course
Gain CME credits and a certificate for acquiring the Diploma by participating in the exam!

Each module will end with a multiple choice exam. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and confirmation of CME credits (subject to approval by EACCME).

Attendance in both modules and successful standing of the exams, irrespective of sequence, qualifies radiologists/neuroradiologists to participate in a final exam at the annual ESNR meeting. Successful contestants in the final exam will be entitled to receive the European Diploma in Head and Neck Neuroradiology.

Bernhard Schuknecht
Course Director

Subspecialty Committee, Head and Neck Neuroradiology
Katarina Surlan-Popovic, Chair
Sotirios Bisdas