How to reach Kuşadasi

By Flight

There are 2 international airports near Kusadasi. The first one is Izmir International Airport (ADB) which is 66km (41mi) away from Kusadasi and the other one is Bodrum Airport (BJV) which is 120km (74mi) from Kusadasi.

Please note that the registration fee includes a shuttle transportation from Izmir Airport to the hotel roundtrip.

By Ferry

You can visit Kusadasi by cruise ships or you can take a ferry from Greek island Samos to Kusadasi. There are 2 ferries everyday between Samos and Kusadasi during high season; 08:30 in the morning and 17:00 in the afternoon. Schedules are subject to change due to seasonal, weather and sea conditions. Get clear information about times when planning your schedule.

By Car

Major roads from Istanbul, Cappadocia or Antalya are connected to Kusadasi from Aydin via Soke town on the south and Izmir via Selcuk on the north.

By Bus

Kusadasi main bus station hosts several bus companies from all over Turkey. At the high season, you can find direct access to almost all major and popular cities including Istanbul, Ankara, Nevsehir, Denizli or Antalya. Everyday there are regular busses running between Izmir and Kusadasi. At winter time every hour and at summer time every 30 minutes, busses operate between Kusadasi and Izmir bus stations. The journey takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Within Kuşadasi

There are 3 major ways to get around within Kusadasi. The first and the most common way is by minibus service (called Dolmus in Turkish) which is available between 7:30 AM and 12:00 AM during the high season which is between May 1st and October 1stç Minibus routes and stops within town are shown by minibus signs by the roads. The easiest way is to raise hand and ask the driver about where u wish to go.

The second way to get around in town is by taxi. Taxis are most usefull especially late at night where the meter runs double. Most of the destinations within town are close (mostly 5 minutes range) so the taxi meters do not hurt that much.

The third way to get around in town is on foot. Most of the town is relatively flat and the scenery is nice.