European School of Neuroradiology (ESoNR)

The ESoNR - European School of Neuroradiology - is the most important and complete training programme organized by the ESNR - European Society of Neuroradiology within the main frame, and in partnership with, the ESOR - European School of Radiology. The purpose of this training and education programme is based on the vision of what the ESNR considers the range of competences and skills that are the basis of a high qualified neuroradiological activity. The programme is designed to offer a pathway to reach such professional and cultural levels. The final points will be the examinations to be certificated at the different levels and in the different branches of this discipline.

Courses are organized at 3 different levels: 1st Level: ESOR - Galen Foundation Courses in Neuroradiology, 2nd level: European Course in Neuroadiology (ECNR) and finally 3rd level: advanced courses - ESNR Courses of Higher Qualification in Interventional Endovascular Neuroradiology, Interventional Spine Neuroradiology, Advanced Diagnostic Neuroradiology and Pediatric Neuroradiology.

European Course in Neuroadiology (ECNR)

The ECNR is the fundamental Neuroradiology course aimed at neuroradiologists, established or in training. It is based on cycles of four courses (modules), each lasting five days, dedicated to diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology. The full cycle is considered complete after the attendee has participated in all four modules, which can be done in a single cycle or in different cycles.

The scientific content of the course is determined by the Education Committee of the European Society of Neuroradiology, taking into account international standards and guidelines for training in diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology. The participating educators will be internationally renowned European experts, to be selected on the basis of their scientific background and educational skills to ensure high-quality lectures and interactive case discussions.

Learning objectives:

  • To impart teaching-based lectures and workshops, rather than academic-type conferences, to transmit rather than deliver information
  • To provide a theoretical basis for present and future clinical practice and research in diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology
  • To impart highly interactive diagnostic, interventional and mixed-type neuroradiological workshops
  • To make students acquire basic neuroscience and clinical knowledge.

General Program

The programme is very large and detailed:

  • 1st Module: Embryology/Anatomy/Malformations/Genetics
  • 2nd Module: Tumours and Tumour-like lesions
  • 3rd Module: Vascular Diseases
  • 4th Module: Trauma/Degenerative/Metabolic/Inflammatory


The course will be held twice a year as a full week's course in April / May and October / November. There is no need to attend the ECNR modules in sequence
Location: selected by the ESNR Executive Committee