WLNC - OCIN Joint Meeting


October 2021

The World Live Neurovascular Conference (WLNC) is being organized since 2013. Being a global conference, it is rotating throughout the world, to reach different parts of the world. 

The aim of this conference is to create a global platform to train young neuroendovascular operators to increase the quality of health care in the neuroendovascular field. For this purpose, our organization supports around 100 young physicians every year, giving them an educational grant covering their conference expenses with additional travel support.

WLNC provides the latest evidence-based data presented by leading physicians, nurses, and scientists that will affect the practice of neurointervention and endovascular medicine. WLNC showcases the practical applications of current and emerging techniques and technologies and unparalleled diversity of live-case presentations from universities and medical centers from around the world. In the field of neurointervention, only WLNC combines the hands on and practical learning that physicians need to improve patient outcomes.




  • 20 Oct 2021 until 23 Oct 2021

    WLNC - OCIN Joint Meeting