ASFNR Presents Perfusion Imaging


ASFNR Presents

A new live lecture series featuring experts in BOLD imaging, Perfusion Imaging, AI, PET-MRI, and DTI.

Free registration is open to all. CME is available for ASFNR members in attendance, and available to non-members for a $50 fee per webinar.


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Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

CT and MRI brain perfusion imaging methods have gone through rigorous basic research and development in the last two decades to a level where these have now become essential parts of advanced imaging protocols for stroke and brain tumor assessment at major academic centers. However, in order to improve its clinical impact, perfusion imaging needs to broaden its list of indications and strengthen its ease of clinical application.

Learning objectives:

  1. To discuss perfusion methods including basic physics and post-processing: how to ease their introduction into workflow.
  2. To discuss the role of brain tumor perfusion as a diagnostic and surveillance tool
  3. To discuss the role of perfusion imaging in stroke assessment


  • 09 Dec 2020

    ASFNR Presents Perfusion Imaging