NeuroImaging Nowadays in MS - International Online Course

from 09/05/2022 until 31/12/2022

NeuroImaging Nowadays in MS - International Online Course

Dive into the theory of neuroimaging and MS on a global virtual platform

with renowned international speakers.

Education is the foundation of making the world a better place. It is utmost true for patient care.

As physicians, we are always learning, trying to implement the knowledge in our practice, and

improving the care we provide to our patients living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other

demyelinating diseases.

NeuroImaging Nowadays in MS is an online educational platform aiming to discuss and keep

the medical community up to date about the most recent theory and clinical practice behind

multiple sclerosis and neuroimaging.

We have joined forces between neurologists and neuro-radiologists as Scientific Committee to

develop an interesting and comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of this field. To fill

this program with content, we have invited colleagues from the MS and Neuroimaging

communities worldwide to be our speakers in the different modules.

NeuroImaging Nowadays in MS is the go-to platform for radiologists, neurologists,

trainees, healthcare professionals and specialists in the field of Multiple Sclerosis who

want to deepen or refresh their knowledge on neuroimaging and MS.

The platform will be growing overtime, with new modules released on a regular basis.

With this new educational tool, we hope to support the MS community in reviewing and

strengthening their knowledge, having a positive impact on patients with MS care and life."

The Scientific Committee


M-PT-00001361, Jun 2022