Procedure of Endorsement

ESNR is frequently asked to endorse papers. A process needs to be in place that establishes transparent mechanisms and criteria.

There needs to be from the start a clear separation of the peer review process (led by the journal) and the endorsement process.

Which papers:

  • Paper with clear recommendations / statements of opinion (not research or review papers) are eligible for endorsement
  • Accepted after peer review: This is important to not prejudge the outcome of the peer review process. This also helps avoiding issues related to confidentiality and conflict of interests.

Assessment criteria:

  • Relevance of topic to the ESNR (it is expected that endorsement will be granted only in a limited number of cases)
  • Track record of authors
  • Representation (leader in the field)
  • Appropriateness of journal for designated audience
  • Fitting with ESNR policy/standpoint


  • Appropriate Subcommittee (or expert ad hoc committee suggested by Subcommittee)


  • ESNR Executive, advised by the appropriate Subcommittee

Form of endorsement:

  • The ESNR Executive will decide wheter the endorsement will be from
    a) The society as such (through the Executive) or
    b) By individual members (survey such as in Alsop et al MRM 2015)