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Selection of the Venue and President of the 44th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR)

Selection of Congress President (CP)

Items to be considered in the selection process:

· Minimum “five consecutive years” of full ESNR membership

· European Board Certified in Neuroradiology

· Active participation in the last ESNR congresses

· Experience in meeting/courses organization and/or organizational skills

· Frequent academic activity as moderator or speaker during neuroradiological courses and congresses

· Holds an active working position as a neuroradiologist in a European Country (mandatory)

· Letter of support of the National Neuroradiological Society, local (neuro-) radiology department, local university, city, etc.

Eligibility of location:

· City geographically located in Europe

· Easy access by plane for most of European capitals

· Good local transportation system

· Congress venue easy accessible from hotels (If possible, within walking distance)

Application for Congress Presidency (deadline 14th June 2018)

Application is required with a written “Proposal” containing:

· Candidate’s professional curriculum

· Information about the City

Ø Detailed information of the venue: size, rooms, exhibition space, catering and cost

Ø Travel Options

Ø Housing options

Ø Social events options

Ø Statistics about the past scientific meetings in the city

Ø Weather information

Ø Other issues, supporting documents

· Budget

Ø Preliminary budget

All applications should be send by email to the ESNR Central Office Meetings Branch ( to the attention of the Secretary-General, with copy to the Secretary-General (

The ESNR Central Office Meetings Branch will organize the Congress with the Congress President. No Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) shall be selected unless explicitly required and approved by the ESNR ExCom.

Selection of the “Congress President” will be performed three years ahead by ESNR Executive Committee during a special meeting held during the Annual Congress. Each eligible candidature will have the right to present (10 minutes slot) his/her proposal.

Selection of the venue will be performed by ESNR Executive Committee and approved by ESNR General Assembly.

Any individual within this committee will lose his voting right and the right to participate in the discussion for selecting the venue, if any relevant competing interest exists.

The candidates are free to contact ESNR Central Office Meetings Branch ( for any questions or further information regarding the process and the application.