Presidentís Message

Dear Members of the ESNR

At our Annual Meeting in Lisbon, I had the honour and pleasure to take up the position of President of the ESNR. To begin with, I would like to thank Prof Pia Sundgren the now Past President for her hard work and significant contribution to our society. Pia led the ESNR through the turbulent and on occasion painful times of the pandemic, ensuring that the ESNR continued providing a steady stream high level of educational activities, albeit in virtual form.

The pandemic had and still has deep and lasting effects on many of us and also on our environment. Our society is nevertheless well placed to address the resulting challenges and realise its ambitions to the benefit of our members.

Success, however, can only be ensured through a collaborative, team-based approach as well as broadened the engagement of the ESNR members in all our increasing scientific, educational and organisational activities. I would like to highlight here our Vice President’s, Prof Andrea Rossi, forward looking project to transform the involvement of our junior members in the various aspects of the ESNR. He will communicate his plans to you in the next few months.

The Chairs of our Clinical Committees, Prof Meike Vernooij, Prof Naci Kocer, Prof Katarina Surlan, Prof Chen Hoffmann, and Prof Luigi Manfre are in the process of breaking new ground; they will not only develop new educational activities but will also engage in various key aspects of our profession providing recommendations on imaging indications, protocol specific diseases, safety aspects, and governance in general.

It is important to remember that the ESNR has currently 32 member societies; there has been however, only limited engagement between the ESNR and these national societies. Together with the Chair of the Institutional council, Prof Paulina Due-Tonnessen as well as Andrea Rossi and Cem Calli, we have started in depth discussions to develop a programme that will benefit the members of all societies and increases the participation of all members in our activities.

We want to engage as many members as possible in these key developments as well as in other important initiatives we are planning to announce in the very near future.

For now, however, we are all, I am sure, looking forward to the approaching festive season, which will hopefully enable many of us to spend quality time with family and friends, reflect on the past and get energised for the next year.

With the Executive Committee of the ESNR, I wish you all a very merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, and a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year 2023.

Tarek Yousry
Professor of Neuroradiology
President of the ESNR