Presidentís Message

Dear Colleagues, Members and Friends,

The winter and the spring almost passed by without us even noticing. Our life and social activities are still far from back to normal. In many countries' tough restrictions and lock-downs are still in place, our members are expected to work from home, if possible, and traveling abroad is still not allowed or done with quite a lot of restrictions and regulations.

All ESNR onsite meetings have been changed to on-line courses during the past several months. Despite this, I am proud to say that ESNR has successfully done the ECPNR, the European Course in Spine Radiology, a joint event between ESNR and ESSR, as well as our interventional neuroradiology course and our new Head and Neck courses have taken place on-line over the past 12 months. All these courses draw a lot of participants and have been a great success. This due to a devoted faculty, devoted participants and with the strong support from ESNR Central Office and the staff as well as our partners to make these courses a success. Certainly not the same as to meet face to face, chat, network and have a good time in the lecture hall as well as outside on spare time but the educational leave have remained high.

ESNR has continued to give weekly webinars, and these will continue to the summer and then you will have the opportunity to attend more specific ESNR-ESMRMB webinars on Advanced MR imaging techniques.

We have also during the first couple of months this year been able to hold Diploma examinations in interventional neuroradiology, pediatric neuroradiology and also the EDiNR with 136 examinees, all on-line. This could not have been done without the commitment from the EBNR committees and the EBNR chair Professor Thurnher, our faculty examiners, and the Central Office staff, and of course with all of you, the examinees that still despite these crazy times were ready to take their Diploma exam. I wish to express my sincere thank you to all. Congratulations to those of you who sat your Diploma exams and passed.

We are now all waiting for summer to come with the hope that things around us will normalize, we will all be vaccinated and ready for a great autumn to come.

ESNR and the ESNR annual meeting Congress President Professor Karl-Olof Lovblad is welcoming you to the 44th Annual Meeting of the ESNR and the 27th Advanced Course in Diagnostic Neuroradiology as well as the 12th Advanced Course in Interventional Neuroradiology. A meeting we hope will be a real on-site meeting in Geneva between 29 September-3 October 2021. For many reasons, ESNR will make this meeting a hybrid meeting allowing for both personal attendance as well as on-line attendance. I do of course hope that as many of you as possible can attend in person.

To support our ESNR members the registration fee for the ESNR Annual meeting 2021 will even this year be kept very low starting from Euro 50 going slightly up depending on your status and when you register. Please check for details on the website and start registering as soon as the site is open.

I wish you all a great relaxing summer and am looking forward to meeting you all in Geneva.

Pia Sundgren
ESNR President

Presidentís Message