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Past Symposiums

Ist Symposium


Antwerp, Belgium

President: R. Thienpont


IInd Symposium


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

President: B. G. Ziedses des Plantes


IIIrd Symposium


Stockholm, Sweden

President: E. Lindgren


IVth Symposium


London, United Kingdom

President: J.D.W. Bull


Vth Symposium


Brussels, Belgium

President: Donald L. McRae


VIth Symposium


Rome, Italy

President: G. Ruggiero


VIIth Symposium


New York, USA

President: J. Taveras


VIIIth Symposium

September 25-30, 1967

Paris, France

President: H. Fischgold


IXth Symposium

August 24-29, 1970

Gothenburg, Sweden

President: I. G. Wickbom 


Xth Symposium

March, 10-16, 1974

Punta del Este, Uruguay

President: N. Azambuja


XIth Symposium

June 4-10, 1978

Wiesbaden, Germany

President: S. Wende


XIIth Symposium

October 10-16, 1982

Washington D.C., USA 

President: G. di Chiro


XIIIth Symposium

June 23-28, 1986

Stockholm, Sweden

President: T. Greitz


XIVth Symposium

June 17-23, 1990

London, United Kingdom

President: G. du Boulay


XVth Symposium

Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 1994

Kumamoto, Japan

President: M. Takahashi


XVIth Symposium

May 15-17, 1998

Philadelphia, USA

President: S.K. Hilal, Vice President: S.A. Kieffer


XVIIth Symposium

August 18-23, 2002

Paris, France

President: L. Picard


XVIIIth Symposium

March 19-24, 2006

Adelaide, Australia

President: M. R. Sage


XIXth Symposium

October 4-9, 2010

Bologna, Italy

President: M. Leonardi


XXth Symposium

September 7-12, 2014

Istanbul, Turkey

President: E.T. Tali