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Honorary Members of the ESNR

Ramon Gilberto Gonzalez (2017)

Jan Wilmink (2017)

Marco Leonardi (2016)

Paul M. Parizel (2016)

Massimo Gallucci (2015)

Martin Schumacher (2014)

Mauricio Castillo (2014)

Jordi Ruscalleda Nadal (2013)

Makhan Singh Khangure (2013)

Anne Osborn, USA (2012)

Giuseppe Scotti, Italy (2012)

Claude Manelfe, France (2011)

Michael S. Huckman, USA (2010)

Danielle Balériaux, Belgium (2009)

Othmar Schübiger, Switzerland (2009)

Guido Guglielmi, Italy (2006)

Luc Picard, France (2006)

Lourens Penning, The Netherlands (2002)

Brian Kendall, UK (2001)

Robert Zimmerman, USA (2001)

Hans Hacker, Germany (1999)

Juan Solé Llenas, Spain (1999)

Thomas P. Naidich, USA (1999)

Gerard M. Debrun (1997)

Paulo A. Mendo, Portugal (1997)

Antonio Sicuro, Italy (1995)

Georges Salomon, France (1995)

Jean Paul Braun, France (1995)

Peter Huber, Switzerland (1995)

Jan Jirout, Czech Republik (1994)

Torgny Greitz, Sweden (1994)

Yutaka Kuru, Japan (1994)

Derek C. Harwood-Nash, Canada (1993)

Jacqeline Vignaud, France (1993)

Giovanni di Chiro, USA (1989)

Juan M. Taveras, USA (1989)

T. Hans Newton, USA (1989)


These pioneers in Neuroradiology have significantly furthered the development of Neuroradiology, increased the prestige of the speciality and made important contributions to the scientific and academic life of European institutions.