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Pediatric Neuroradiology Committee

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Aim: We aim to foster, homogenize, and expand paediatric neuroradiology education and training in Europe.


Structure: There are 6 members of the committee: the chair and two additional committee members, two consultants from Europe, and one international consultant, all being paediatric neuroradiologists.


Activities: Annual European courses in Paediatric Neuroradiology (ECPNR).

Paediatric sessions at the ESNR Annual Meeting (at least 4 hours/meeting).

Joint session with the American Society of Paediatric Neuroradiology at ASNR Annual Meeting (2 hour session).

Organising ECPNR-ACR in Latin America. ESNR and Asociación Colombiana de Radiología (ACR) will organize 2 cycles of the ECPNR-ACR starting in October 2017 in Latin America.

Examination for the European Diploma in Paediatric Neuroradiology (EDiPNR).

After fulfilment of the required paediatric neuroradiology educational program, members have the opportunity of sitting a final exam and receiving  the EDiPNR.


  • Professor Maria Argyropoulou
  • Ioannina University - Medical School
    Department of Radiology
  • Dr Kshitij Mankad
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
    United Kingdom

Pediatric Neuroradiology Committee