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Pediatric Neuroradiology Committee

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Chair: Professor Pia Maly Sundgren MD, Ph.D.

Years: 2015-2017, 2017-2019


Aim: We aim to foster, homogenize, and expand paediatric neuroradiology education and training in Europe.


Structure: There are 6 members of the committee: the chair and two additional committee members, two consultants from Europe, and one international consultant, all being paediatric neuroradiologists.


Activities: Annual European courses in Paediatric Neuroradiology (ECPNR).

Paediatric sessions at the ESNR Annual Meeting (at least 4 hours/meeting).

Joint session with the American Society of Paediatric Neuroradiology at ASNR Annual Meeting (2 hour session).

Organising ECPNR-ACR in Latin America. ESNR and Asociación Colombiana de Radiología (ACR) will organize 2 cycles of the ECPNR-ACR starting in October 2017 in Latin America during 2017-2019.

Examination for the European Diploma in Paediatric Neuroradiology (EDiPNR).

After fulfilment of the required paediatric neuroradiology educational program, members have the opportunity of sitting a final exam and receiving  the EDiPNR.


  • Prof. Pia Maly Sundgren
  • Universitetssjukhuset
    Center for Medical Imaging and Physiology
  • Professor Maria Argyropoulou
  • Ioannina University - Medical School
    Department of Radiology
  • Dr. Bård Nedregaard
  • Universitetssykehus - Rikshospitalet
    Radiology, Neuroradiologist, Consultant in Neuroradiology

Pediatric Neuroradiology Committee