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Equality & Diversity Committee

Equality & Diversity Committee of ESNR


  1. Intent

The ESNR embraces and values the diversity of all its community. The ESNR is committed to and encourage equality and diversity in all parts of the ESNR organization and all ESNR arrangements (e.g. courses, conferences, committees, honorary memberships). ESNR will continuously work to ensure that no individual or group are treated differently, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, age, pregnancy or maternity. The Equality & Diversity Committee of ESNR will oversee this work and the adherences to these guidelines. 


  1. Courses and conferences

The organization committee for ESNR courses and ESNR conferences must strive to accommodate facilities that accommodates the different needs of ESNR member, e.g. breastfeeding friendly environment and quiet/meditation room, venues with necessary helping aid for people with disabilities (e.g. hearing and vision aids, wheelchair access),  as well as ensure food suitable for all attendees based on their needs. Furthermore, a balanced faculty and invited speakers from members of different countries to reflect the diversity of the ESNR community.  To ensure this all ESNR educational activities (i.e. courses, webinars, annual meeting program) have to be approved not only by the ESNR Executive committee but also by the Equality and Diversity committee before it is final. 


  1. Breaches

Every member of our community should feel empowered to speak up without fear if they experience or observe behavior that violates these core values (stated by name or anonymous). If any member feels that there are breaches to these guidelines, it should be brought to the attention of the leader of the Equality & Diversity Committee and the Society´s leadership shall be notified immediately, and will be appropriately addressed..


  1. Responsibilities

The overall responsibility for diversity and equality rests with the President of the ESNR    supported by the Equality and Diversity, while all ESNR members are obliged to follow them. Both the ESNR organization and ENSR members will be informed of this policy and their responsibility to adhere to it. The Equality & Diversity committee will be committed to ensuring that these guidelines are compiled to and recommend any reactions to breaches to the ESNR president or any member of the Excom. Every member and of the ESNR as well as every faculty participating in any of the ESNR activities are expected to follow the ESNR code of conduct (published on the website).


  • Dr Paulina Due-Tønnessen
  • Universitetssykehus - Rikshospitalet
    Radiology- Section for Neuroradiology
  • Pr Sven Haller
  • Hôpital Universitaire Cantonal
    Genève 14