ESNR Annual Meeting 2023 in Vienna

CHANGE FOR BETTER: the Viennese Moment reloaded

“Be ahead of your time” perfectly reflects the word-famous Viennese Modernism in the first decade of the last century, which turned out to be the most important time in Austrian cultural, artistic, and social history. Scientists, writers, and artists came together in salons and coffeehouses and created an optimistic, inspiring, and politically engaged atmosphere.

Hundert years later, Vienna is ready for the change again.

Join us for the ESNR 46th annual meeting at the Hofburg Conference Center, in the heart of Vienna, from 20th-24th of September 2023. This annual meeting will take the spirit of the new beginnings with cutting-edge lectures from neuroradiology experts, podium discussions, fire chats among neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, and neurologists, coffee talks on hot topics, case-based sessions, and many more. ESNR aims to point out the power of intellectual collaboration and creativity in changing knowledge sharing in neurosciences for the better.

Be part of the Viennese Moment Reloaded.

Majda M Thurnher
Congress President

46th ESNR Annual Meeting