WEDNESDAY 14th September 2022- Pre-meeting course - Value Based Medicine

Auditorium VIII

Moderators: Pedro Melo Freitas / Pedro Vilela

14:00-14:10 Introduction

Pedro Vilela, PT

14:10-14:30 Leadership in imaging: a SWOT analysis

Paul Parizel, AU

14:30-14:50 Leading in global health care: Value based medicine and patient integrated care

Isabel Vaz, PT

14:50 – 15:10 European Union public health policies trends

Paulo Boto, PT

15:10 – 15:30 Digital transformation: biomedical imaging advances

Javier Alvarez-Valle, UK

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-16:20 The role of universities and scientific societies in health care organization

Fausto Pinto, PT

16:20-16:40 Value based methodology

Claudia Vaz, CH

16:40-17:00 Value-base medicine in imaging

Karl Olof Lovblad , CH

17:00 – 17:20 Innovation, cost-benefit analysis, and reimbursement strategies

Joshua Hirsch, US

17:20 – 17:40 Innovation and ethics

Seon Kyu Lee, US

17:40 -18:00 Final Remarks