Please proceed to the online abstract system by clicking on this link: Online Abstract Submission


• Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 01.05.2019, abstract submission system will close automatically at the end of that day.

• Abstracts must be submitted in English by clicking on the following link: Online Abstract Submission, abstracts sent by e-mail or fax will not be accepted.

• All abstracts may be sent in for a poster presentation. The most significant and original abstracts will be selected for oral presentation. Please indicate in the system, when submitting your abstract, if you do not wish to have your abstract evaluated for an oral presentation.

• Please note that at least one author of each abstract should register for the conference. Abstracts submitted without any corresponding conference registration will be refused. Advanced Course only registrations are not accepted as valid registration types. Authors need to register to Annual Meeting or Advanced Course + Annual Meeting for their abstract to be displayed or presented.

• Each submitting author may submit only one abstract to the conference. Please remember that the online abstract submission system does not allow more than one abstract submission per submitting author.

• Please do not send multiple versions of the same abstract.

• The submitting author will be informed by e-mail about the acceptance of his/her abstract soon after the evaluation process is complete.


• The abstract should contain the title of the paper, the names of the authors and their departments and affiliations (including the cities and the countries), and the e-mail address of the submitting author.

· Preferably the abstract is structured and contains the headings Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion & Conclusion.

• Please note that the abstract system does not allow submissions exceeding 350 words (including the title).

• It is possible to include tables, images or graphics in your abstract.

• Please use only standard abbreviations. If necessary, please place special or unusual abbreviations in parenthesis after the full word appears for the first time.


• Abstracts must be allocated to one the following topics:

- Diagnostic Brain
- Interventional
- Pediatric
- Spine
- Head & Neck

• Please prepare the content of your abstract and paste it to the online form.

• The online system allows you to submit the abstract and also edit it later if necessary, right up to the deadline.


Please have the following information ready before you begin:

• For the submitting author :
- Full first and family name
- Department and affiliation
- Full postal address
- City and country
- E-mail address
- Phone and fax number

• For each of the co-authors :
- Full first and family name
- Department and affiliation
- City and country


The submitting author will be informed by e-mail about the acceptance of his/her abstract soon after the evaluation process is complete. This will be done by 25.06.2019 at the latest. Note that this is close to the early registration fee deadline. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to register for the conference according to the registration fee deadlines and no exceptions will be made.

Selected Oral Presentations

• The Scientific Committee selects abstracts for oral presentation in a scientific session based on quality and topic.

E - Poster Area

• All other accepted abstracts will be presented as electronic poster. Detailed instructions for uploading the poster on the e-poster system will be sent after the acceptance of the abstract.