ESNR / Education / Awards / The Award winners of the ESNR
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2016: O.Nikoubashman, Germany

          A. Jakab, Switzerland

          A. Velasco Gonzalez, Spain

2015: J. Kollmer, Germany

          J. Linn, Germany

          O.A. Berkhemer

2014: M.W. Vernooij, The Netherlands

          Ch. Herweh, Germany

          V.M. Pereira, Switzerland

2013: L.R. Kozák, Hungary

          J. Bladowska, Poland

2012: M. Pham, Germany

          M. Tisserand, France

          S. Soize, France

2011: S. Haller, Germany

          J.P. Alcantara, Spain

2010: S. Roosendaal, The Netherlands

          M.A. Weber, Germany

          Z. Kulcsar, Switzerland

2009: J. Pekkola, Finland

          S. Haller, Switzerland

          V.M. Pereira, Switzerland

2008: S. Geibpraset, Thailand

2007: A.J. Bartsch, Germany

2006: S. Politi, Italy

2005: M. Bendzus, Germany

2004: T. Krings, Germany

2003: L. Raffi, Italy

2002: Ph. White, United Kingdom

2001: G. Polonara, Italy

2000: M. Knauth, Germany

1999: I. Burtscher, Sweden

1994: Z. Patay, Hungary

          S. Lehericy, France

1993: L. van den Hauwe, Belgium              

           K.E.W. Eberhardt, Germany

           F. Barkhof, The Netherlands

           N. Colombo, Italy

1992: M. Forsting, Germany

           M. Martinez, Spain

           N. Anzalone, Italy

1991: G. Isensee, Germany                          

           K.G. Terbrugge, Canada

1989: C. Debusche, France            

1988: A. Biondi, Italy

          J. Moret, France

          P.M. Parizel, Belgium

          G. Schroth, Germany

1987: F. Koschorek, Germany

           N. Martin, France

           F. Triulzi, Italy

1986: A. Beltramello, Italy

           J. Chiras, France

           M. Mosskin, Sweden

1985: J. Barckley, United Kingdom

           P.M. Parizel, Belgium

           D. Rüfenacht, Switzerland

1983: R. Aaslid, Norway              

           J.L. Burguet, France

           A. Valavanis, Switzerland

1982: S. Bockenheimer, Germany

           K. Kretschmar, Germany

           P. Lasjaunias, France

1977: D. Lardé, France

1975: I. Moseley, United Kingdom          

          G. Scialfa, Italy                      

1972: M. Megret, Switzerland

           J.J. Merland, France

           M. Michotey, France

1971: M. Corrales, Chile

1970: C. Manelfe, France