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"ESNR-Springer Award"

1000 € will be awarded by Springer to the "first-named author (ESNR’s Full, Associate, Junior or Institutional Member) of the most cited article of the latest impact factor (2016: IF 2015). In addition the winner will get a free registration at ESNR Annual Meeting (2015) and the Article will be highlighted on journal webpage (

Winners of ESNR - Springer Award

2013: Bernd Turowski; Stephan Macht; Zolt Kulcsár; Daniel Hänggi; Walter Stummer; Neuroradiology 2011; 53: 37-41 (Interventional Neuroradiology)

Early fatal hemorrhage after endovascular cerebral aneurysm treatment with a flow diverter (SILK-Stent)

2014: Sebastian Fischer & Zsolt Vajda & Marta Aguilar Perez & Elisabeth Schmid & Nikolai Hopf & Hansjörg Bäzner & Hans Henkes; Neuroradiology, 2012; 54: 369-382 (Interventional Neuroradiology)

Pipeline embolization device (PED) for neurovascular reconstruction: initial experience in the treatment of 101 intracranial aneurysms and dissections

2015: Francesco Briganti, Manuela Napoli, Fabio Tortora, Domenico Solari, Mauro Bergui, Edoardo Boccardi, Enrico Cagliari, Lucio Castellan, Francesco Causin, Elisa Ciceri, et. al.; Neuroradiology 2012; Volume 54, Issue 10, pp 1145-1152

Italian multicenter experience with flow-diverter devices for intracranial unruptured aneurysm treatment with periprocedural complications – a retrospective data analysis